If you've ever spent hours in the depths of Booktok, after reading the headline you're probably wondering how on earth it's going to help you with your marketing? Actually, you can learn a lot from Booktok for your customer engagement. What exactly and how noiseless niches can make your marketing better, I'll tell you step by step in this article. 

If you've read through my article on marketing trends you absolutely need to knowYou already know what "quiet niches" are and can skip this paragraph. Otherwise, let's first clarify what a niche is in the first place: a niche is a segment of a larger market, that stands out and can be distinguished from your overall market by its own needs, preferences or other characteristics. If you break down your market into different segments or sharper niches, you can address your target group within the niche much more precisely. So far so understandable, but

What is a noiseless niche?

"Noisless niches" are niches that you don't actually know about unless you're a part of them yourself. 

To make the whole thing a bit more tangible for you, let's imagine the following: You are a photographer, that's the market you are in. You focus on shooting families - your market segment. Your quiet niche could be parents who just lost a child and want to take last memory photos. Admittedly a really sad example but I think that illustrates what I'm getting at. As a rule, you get to know people with such a fate only if you yourself were in a similar situation. And that is also the reason why quiet niches are so valuable


Quiet niches work so well primarily because they bring together people who think alike, have similar hobbies and desires, and are specifically looking to exchange ideas with like-minded people. This results in the formation of well-connected communities whose members strongly trust each other and value the opinions of other group members. This is how quiet niches manage to convey a strong sense of belonging.. 

What does all this have to do with Booktok? Booktok belongs to the quiet niches and is probably the best example of how well they work. For a long time, only users who moved in the book bubble knew the term Booktok,but now even booksellers like Hugendubel are jumping on the bandwagon, actively participating in the community and placing the books hyped under the hashtag Booktok present in your store - and thus not only increase their sales, but gain dedicated fanswho are in close exchange with Hugendubel and even enthusiastically provide even more visibility for the brand. 

That's exactly what we all want for our business, right? So let's take a look at what we can learn from Booktok to improve our own marketing. Read on to learn three insights (+1 bonus tip) that you can learn from quiet niches and use strategically for your own business. 

Learning number 1: Monitoring is immensely important for your business
As a self-employed person or entrepreneur, it is your greatest advantage if you know what your target group is talking about. Not only because direct feedback helps you improve your products and stand out from the competition,but also because you can quickly find a quiet niche that fits your industry and products. To do this, it's best to look at the hashtags your dream customers are using. Does one keyword cluster particularly often? Are they thematically related? Often, you can quickly draw conclusions about communities based on the hashtags used. If you then also look at what content you find under the hashtags that are relevant to you, you will know exactly what your relevant noiseless niche is currently moving. 

Learning number 2: Reach exactly your target group
Noisless niches come together for a very specific reason and want to talk about very specific topics. This means your target audience gathers specifically in one place and is willing to receive information about your offerings. Under #studytok, students and pupils find people stuck in the same stage of life and share about study notes and learning methods. If you take a closer look at #plannergirl you'll find women who love to get organized with planners, organizers and to do lists. Or think of your favorite coach's private Facebook group of which you are a member. So you can find a quiet niche, a small sworn community on really any topic. Due to the clear topic reference, the scattering loss can be reduced to a minimum. Because you reach your dream customers at the right time in the right place.

Learning number 3: Interact at eye level
The members of noiseless niches recognize quite quickly whether a brand is only interacting with them in order to advertise. And that is exactly the wrong approach. As always when you are in direct contact with other people, the key here is to interact at eye levelThe point of quiet niches is to become part of them yourself. Get actively involved in the community. Create valuable encounters and offer added value.In this way, you quickly become an accepted member of your bubble, inspire trust and create a standing for yourself so that your opinion is heard.  In addition, the interaction rate in noiseless niches is often significantly higher and the competition is much lower.


Bonus - Learning number 4: Grow, grow, grow
Noiseless niches are often active across multiple platforms - be it well-known ones like YouTube, TikTok or Instagram or more secluded apps you might not have directly on your radar like Pinterest, Telegram, Discord channels, Facebook groups or even proper question forums like GoFeminin. Usually in marketing, it's very hard to get followers of, say, TikTok to follow you on Instagram as well - unless you already have loyal fans. Noiseless niches are therefore also a growth booster for your social media channels. Since these communities are on multiple platforms, you can target these synergiesto grow with your channels. Since you can reach these communities in multiple places - and competition is usually very low – you can also focus on an omnipresence so that your target audience can't get past you at all and you become the top-of-mind But be careful to avoid ad fatigue at all costs and create your own appropriate content for each platform. 

You realize, a quiet niche that suits you and your products can be extremely valuable to you and your business. But to take advantage of these insights, you don't have to go into a niche first. Keeping your eyes and ears open to know exactly what moves your target group and where to find them is extremely important for your marketing in general. Just like communicating at eye level, sharing valuable and useful content, entering into direct exchange with your dream customers and using targeted synergies. 

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