Although Pinterest is not a social network and is not designed for direct communication with each other, it offers you some exciting options to interact with your target audience. One of them, group boards on Pinterest we'll take a closer look at in this blog post. 

Group pinboards are a great way for you as a business owner to expand the reach of your pins and trust in your brand, positioning you as an expert on Pinterest. Want to know more? Then read on. 


A group board is a pinboard to which several Pinterest users have access and can pin together on a certain topic, pins with matching ideas or inspirations. In order to participate in a group board, the owner of the board must invite other participants, which makes them somewhat reminiscent of exclusive clubs. Often, participation is tied to rules.

Basically, a group board means collaborative pinning. The original creator of a pinboard invites other users to join in. A group board is always topic-related. The members then collect ideas together on this specific topic. 


A group pinboard is thus an exciting lever for your business to connect with users who share the same interests. You can also find out what content interests other pinners on a particular topic and strengthen the sense of community within your target audience. Posting your pins on a group board on Pinterest has other benefits as well:

  1. Even with just a few followers of your own, group boards give you the chance to reach a much larger audiencebecause they bring together targeted people who are passionate about interests that you can serve with your business.

  2. Since group boards are topic-based, you can quickly get in touch with users from your target group who are relevant to your business and address them specifically with your content that is relevant to them.

  3. The pinboard is filled with new content more frequently and thus remains up-to-date.Regular activity on Pinterest also promotes the visibility of the pinboard and your pins on it in the Pinterest search feed.

  4. Contributors to a group board are often more connected to the board and pay pretty close attention to what's happening on the pinboard.

  5. Since users are only allowed to participate in a group board by invitation, the trust in the members' pins is usually higher.

  6. Since you'll be interacting with the same users on the group board more often, the recognition effect and image building within the group board is easier to achieve with the help of consistent branding.

  7. Your pins are usually pinned more often by other pinners, giving you the chance to be seen by their followers and users who may not yet be following you, so group boards can be a real boost to your reach. 

Kurz und Knackig: Wenn du Gruppenboards professionell als Teil deiner Marketingstrategie auf Pinterest einsetzt, kannst du dich aktiv vernetzen, mit deinem Unternehmen schnelle einen ExpertInnen-Status und Reichweiter aufbauen – und das auch, wenn du bisher nur wenige eigene Follower hast oder mit Pinterest grade erst startest. 


Originally, group boards were developed by Pinterest to plan big projects together with friends and family members, such as weddings. Because these community pinboards generated a large reach, they also quickly became interesting to - and spammed by - businesses and bloggers. Pinterest changed the algorithm for group boards back in 2018, so the reach was limited. But don't worry - your pins will be found less via the search function, but will be displayed directly to the members of the board. And since they are interested in exactly your topic, you can ideally reach your dream customers. 

You've probably noticed: Group pinboards are the cherry on top they complete your Pinterest strategy, but should not be your sole focus. So use them only sporadically and with good sense. Join only those groups that fit your topics very well in terms of content. Depending on your niche, you should join between three and a maximum of seven group boards that are relevant to your offer. As mentioned above, such boards are not meant to be spammed with your own content, but should be seen as a collaborative collection of ideas. Therefore, share only every second or third Pin you publish on such a board. 

Wenn du Mitglied einer Pinnwand werden möchtest, musst du dich meist an verschiedene Regeln halten. Darauf gehen wir weiter unten in dem Beitrag noch etwas genauer ein. Es ist für dich und deine Pinterest-Strategie wichtig zu wissen, dass du meist nur Inhalte auf Gruppenboards teilen darfst, wenn du im Gegenzug Fremd-Inhalte von dem Board auf deinen eigenen Pinwänden repostest. So steigern die Mitglieder gegenseitig ihre Reichweite. Wenn du keine Fremd-Pins auf deinem Pinterest-Account benutzen möchtest, solltest du auf Gruppenboards verzichten. 


If you want to actively participate in a group board, you have several options to search for suitable pinboards. Below we present the easiest ways to find a group pinboard. 

Option 1: Search for profiles that match you. Browse the walls of your followers, dream clients and competitors and see if they are members of (for you relevant) group boards. You can always recognize such boards by the fact that several profile pictures are displayed on the wall (see the animation above or our post image).This way you can easily find boards if you don't have a clear idea of suitable topics yet.You can dig deeper by clicking on the member list.The owner of the group pinboard always appears first in the member list.

Option 2: Search specifically for group boards. You can use the Pinterest search function to filter specifically for group boards. Enter the topics and keywords for which you are looking for a group board in the search bar and add "group board" to your search query.As you can see in the animation above, you can now use the filter on the left under the Pinterest logo to select which content you are looking for in particular for your keyword: all pins, videos, pinboards, profiles or products. 

Option 3: Use different tools to find group boards. There are several tools that can help you find group pinboards that match your content. Pingroupie and Pininspector are two such tools.With these tools you can search for group boards on specific topics, see the number of followers, pins and participants.Searching using tools is especially useful if you are an active social media manager and want to save time.Since they are paid, they are rather not suitable for one-time use. Want to save yourself some time like this too? Lexa has collected a list of German-language group boards on various topics on her blog "Meergedanken" - maybe you'll find the right board for you here. 


When choosing suitable group boards, make sure they are of a certain quality. The following tips will help you choose: The board should be up-to-date and regularly populated with content. If something has not been pinned within the last 1-7 days, this is a very good indicator that the board is not being used regularly. In that case, refrain from joining. Also, make sure that there are enough members on the board, the more users a group pinboard has, the more reach you can generate through it. However, the danger of competing content is also greater here. The group description should clearly state which topics are collected on the board and how many pins per day and pinner are desired. In addition, there should be information on how you should proceed to register on the board. 


Usually the description will tell you the best way to contact the board owner to become a member.As a rule, you can contact the board owner by email or via Instagram. Avoid writing directly to the creator via Pinterest's messaging feature, as messages can often get lost.Some group boards have a join button where you can send a join request directly. 


Want to create your own group board? Nothing could be easier.Just create a regular, public pinboard and then add members.To do this, follow these steps from your desktop:
1. log in to your Pinterest account and click on your profile picture in the top right corner.
2. under your profile description you will see a small navigation. Click on "Bookmarked". Now the view changes and you will only see the pins that you have already bookmarked. 
3. On the far right, at the height of the "Bookmarked" button, there is a small +. With a click on the symbol a pop up opens. Here you can choose if you want to create a pinboard or a pin. 
4. Select "Pinboard" and fill out the pop up with the title and description. Under Contributors, you can add members to your Pinboard 

Et voila, that's it! See, very simple. 


Often the participation in group boards is linked by the creator to certain group rules, which can be found in the respective board description. Participants of such collaborative pinboards are often required to save a pin from another user on their own pinboard for each pin they pin on the board. This increases mutual visibility and promotes reach. You should stick to these rulesso that everyone can benefit from the advantages of pinning together and the fun doesn't get lost. Make sure that you don't spam the group pinboards with your own content and that you really generate added value for your fellow users – anything else will only harm your own image. Below you will find some rules of courtesy that you should follow:

  • Note only those pins on the group boards that really fit the topic in terms of content and have a high relevance. Remember: Pinboards are meant to provide specific ideas and inspire.

  • Look at what content others are sharing. Well curated group boards often have their own style or special requests like only German language content or no rich pins. So that you don't make yourself unpopular and the board remains a source of inspiration for everyone, you should stick to these wishes.

  • Don't be spammy and don't flood the board with your content.It's best to take into account how active the board is in general and decide how often you want to share your pins. If the members on the board are very active, you can post a pin once a day. The board has less activity? Then spread your pins over several days or even weeks.

  • Pin content with added value. This does not only have to be your own content. Contributors can quickly see if you're really interested in a topic or just want to advertise. Also, these pinboards are based on the principle of give and take - so feel free to mix in matching third-party pins among your own.

  • No one likes duplicate posts and certainly no search engine. Look before you save a new pin on the board, briefly check whether this already exists. As a rule of thumb: don't save any pins again that have already appeared in the last 40 pins (pins on the same topic are of course okay). 


In this guide, you learned what group pinboards are and how you can use them as a free reach booster for your marketing on Pinterest. If you follow this guide and the tips, you'll quickly realize how powerful this way of collecting ideas together can be. If a pinboard has several participants and followers, your content has the potential to reach many hundreds of users and to be pushed by the algorithm. Through this virtual showcase, you not only get more visibility directly, but also make your content available for a longer period of time, so that you can still be found by relevant users years later. This makes it all the more important that your pins deliver what they promise. Be sure to share pins that add value to contributors and brand them to increase recognition. Remember, you can also use group boards strategically to find out what topics your audience is interested in and what kind of pin design they respond to. You can also use the collaborative approach of group boards to build a small community on Pinterest. In conclusion, group boards can be a good addition to your own Pinterest strategy - just give it a try. 

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