Have you ever wondered if Pinterest is a suitable marketing channel for you? Whether entrepreneurs and solopreneurs can gain visibility on Pinterest? Or how you can successfully market your own business on Pinterest? You might have thought: Being active as a business on Pinterest? Unthinkable. After all, the platform is only suitable for home decor and craft ideas, right? Wrong!

Pay close attention, in this article, we'll reveal for which type of businesses and freelancers Pinterest is worthwhile.

"Spoiler alert: You don't have to share creative DIY guides or pictures of your lunch to be successful on Pinterest. Pinterest is an excellent platform for finance, coaches, automobile, and many other industries beyond the DIY theme. 

"On Pinterest, users plan their lives using visual content. Whether it's lunch, a new hairstyle, the next car, a trip with friends, or a wedding, every small and big event is meticulously planned with Pinterest. Therefore, Pinterest is fundamentally suitable for any business that has a product that, in any way, enhances, simplifies, or inspires people's lives. But you want to know if it's worth being active on Pinterest for you. 

Pinterest is worthwhile for you as an entrepreneur if you...

...already have long-form content.

Do you have a blog or a website where you regularly post longer articles? Or do you create videos? Perfect! Pinterest is ideal for you as an entrepreneur and freelancer, especially if you already have long-form content. Because from a blog article, you can easily generate 10-15 Pins. This means, unlike other platforms, you can simply repurpose your existing content and don't have to come up with new content specifically for Pinterest. For solopreneurs especially, Pinterest can mean incredible time savings

... want to integrate storytelling into your marketing strategy.

If storytelling is a crucial part of your marketing strategy, then Pinterest is the right platform for you. Pinterest allows businesses to tell stories about their products or services visually. This makes the platform particularly worthwhile for entrepreneurs who want to actively engage in storytelling. For instance, you can create Story Pins to visually showcase your brand and values." 


Pinterest is worthwhile for self-employed people who only want to (or can) spend a little time on their own marketing. On the platform, you can not only easily reuse and recycle content that you have already created several times and thus save a massive amount of time already in the content creation — there are even more advantages with which you can save time. You don't have to post a new post every day. Quality and added value clearly takes precedence over quantity here. Pinterest is a long-lasting platform and your pins can continue to receive interactions for up to 4 months after you post them. Also, the platform: you can easily schedule all your posts for weeks ahead and since the community idea doesn't play a big role on Pinterest, you don't have to actively do community management here. Due to the manageable time required for Pinterest marketing, this channel is also particularly well suited for start-ups and small businesses with very few (or no) employees.

... want to drive traffic to your website.

Pinterest can be an excellent source of website traffic. By visually presenting your products or blog posts and sharing them on Pinterest, you can encourage users to visit your website. This can be particularly beneficial for entrepreneurs who sell products online or run a blog. 


Pinterest users are not only looking for inspiration, but for ideas that will improve and advance their own lives. And sometimes these are products that require explanation, such as insurance, finance, marketing or business tips. Even for such extensive and complex topics, they search specifically on Pinterest for easily understandable and well-prepared information. This makes Pinterest a worthwhile insider tip, especially for entrepreneurs with complex offers. 

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