How Emily in Paris can improve your marketing

The popular Netflix series "Emily in Paris" offers an entertaining insight into the marketing industry and agency world. The show follows a young American woman who moves to Paris to work at a PR agency - and of course, everything goes haywire. Although it's a fictional series that doesn't necessarily offer a realistic portrayal of the marketing industry, marketers can learn valuable lessons from the show. 

Here are 11 insights you can take away from the show to successfully advance your marketing (and career).

Networking, Networking, Networking

Emily manages to make new contacts incredibly quickly with her friendly and open nature. Her ability to build relationships with her colleagues and clients not only helps her arrive more easily in her new environment, but is also an important aspect of her success in Paris. There isn't an episode where Emily doesn't network, talk about her job, and acquire new clients or meet people who will be useful to her later (professionally). Insight #1: Relationships and networking are hugely important in the marketing industry and when you're running a business. 

Teamwork as a factor of success

Emily works closely with her colleagues and business partners to be successful. She knows that she is more successful in a team than alone and is not afraid to ask others for help. Through teamwork, she regularly manages to solve problems, generate new ideas and achieve big goals in the short term. It's not said for nothing: Teamwork makes the dream work.

Flexibility IS THE a&O

In the course of the show, Emily faces challenges and unexpected changes again and again. Sometimes the most important customer suddenly wants to quit, sometimes she gets dumped on her way to summer vacation. Emily experiences ups and downs, but is always flexible and creative enough to turn difficult situations to her advantage. When the client moves to another agency, she simply offers her expertise as a strategic consultant and thus doesn't lose him completely. Leason learns: Flexibility and the ability to react quickly to change is of serious importance for your marketing. 


Emily experiences many setbacks in Paris, but never gives up. Being successful with your marketing also means having stamina. Sometimes a campaign doesn't go as planned or you feel like nothing is happening and you're not moving forward with your business. Because a lot of marketing is trial and error, resilience and perseverance are especially important for your success.

Risk-taking as a competitive advantage

Emily is willing to take risks to achieve her goals. And she's not afraid of unusual and unconventional ideas - which are often innovative and new, leading Emily to success. This shows the importance of being willing to take risks in order to stand out from the crowd and be successful. 

Creativity and a change of perspective

Fresh perspectives and creative ideas help Emily to excel and succeed in her new job. In the marketing industry, it's important to change your perspective every now and then and look at things with a new perspective and seek solutions with some creativity. Lesson number 6: Think outside the box and stay open to new marketing ideas.

Go Social

In the Netflix show "Emily in Paris" operates the protagonist, actively in Social Media Marketing and influencer marketing to promote her company and products. In doing so, she doesn't just post, but actively builds a community with whom she interacts, solidifying her expert status in the marketing industry. 

Tell a story

Emily storytelling skills are critical to her success. Her ability to tell a story and thus move your customers emotionally is instrumental in helping her sell the products and services. Storytelling can be used in marketing to build connections with customers and create interest in a brand.

The importance of authenticity

In the Netflix series, Emily remains true to herself, admits her faults, and doesn't pretend to exist in her new environment. She doesn't try to present herself as someone else in order to be accepted, but remains true to herself at all times and presents herself as she is. By being authentic, Emily is able to build trust and credibility to be successful in her job. It is vitally important that your marketing is authentic and feels right to be successful.  

Understand your audience

Understanding the cultural aspects and the target audience, is crucial when it comes to operating successfully in a foreign market. In the show, we see how Emily Mangelde's understanding of French culture and customs leads to several mistakes in her work. She commits several faux pas and thus loses confidence. This emphasizes the importance of understanding the market and audience you are trying to penetrate. Appropriate understanding allows marketeers to adapt their marketing strategies and tactics to the needs and expectations of the target audience. It also enables them to understand and use the language and communication styles of the target audience to build rapport. Without such understanding, there is a risk that marketing measures will not have the desired effect and, in the worst case, may even provoke negative reactions. 

Know your worth as a marketeer

Emily recognizes her own value and skills over the course of the show and confidently uses them to achieve her goals. It's important as a marketeer to know your strengths and weaknesses and use them to advance your marketing and career. Emily communicates her skills clearly and persuasively, which helps her succeed in her job and stand out from the competition.  

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